Monday, 5 November 2012

Syncronised Napping in PINK

Lately I have been going through the masses of family photos that my mother had held on to before her passing away in 2008. She saw them as some evidence or history of us as people and a family, which I entirely agree with. Moments were captured, some more embarrassing than others and some useful for black mailing purposes later on in life, but they all demonstrated the evolution, change and adaptation of each of us through the years.
You can tell I have been talk with my brother today, I am rather philosophical and introspective.

So, amongst the pictures I came across a photo of my self curled up sleeping in pink clothing in a bed with pink better with our family cat curled up next to me. Anyone who knows me today will be aware of my disdain for the colour pink. As an artist I decided to work with this color to see if I could actually create some thing worth while. I think I did.


  1. This is amazing - You working in PINK!! Love it, it's gorgeous. xx Marg

    1. Thanks! It helped that I made flowers from Kaisercraft Gypsy Sister Collection which came out REALLY nicely.