Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Each year I USUALLY get a group shot, nothing too formal or serious, just a photo to record who was there and the coming together of family. The last two year I have been a little shy or awkward about doing this, mainly because the family here in Adelaide that has adopted me, haven't been comfortable with photos being taken, until I came alone that it. This year I set up the camera and told them all the stand in front of the camera (threatening that if they didn't, they'd get no dinner), put the timer on and got a couple shots, just the way I wanted it. Now I have a tradition to maintain, apart from bringing the pavlova.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Melbourne Aquarium

Earlier this year I went to Melbourne for the Paperific expo for scrapbookers, card makers and crafters. Although I did not enjoy the expo that much, my trip to the Aquarium was LOADS of fun. More of the photos can be found on my Flickr gallery here.

I did a minimal double page layout for this event. I could have put all my photos on the layout but decisded not to croud the page too much. I wanted to also use the polaroid frames from Kaisercraft's Mismatch collection, which are a good size to use.

One of my favorite creatures to photograph is the jelly fish, there is just so much subtlety to them. The seahorses where a little shy but I eventually got some great shots.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Birthday 34 and Road Trip

Finally got around to doing my lay out for my birthday and the road trip I took for my birthday. Really like the Periwinkle collection from Kaisercraft, even though it is so very not my usual style. I like how these came out, hope you like too.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Holiday Projects: Portfolio

Well, after a lot of effort and having to be VERY selective of what work to put in to this Portfolio Memory File, I have finally completed it. I must say thought, I didn't realise how prolific I was with my creativity and art work until now. I am even looking at compiling a second portfolio later one, for all the photos that didn't make the first Memory File.

I used one of the memory files I made while doing the Heidi Swapp Memory file classes a few months back, as I liked that it was big enough to add more pages too.

So I worked my magic at making new memory file folders and covering them with some papers that I already had in my craft supplies. This was an arduous task going through ALL my papers and selecting ones that I liked or would work. The Portfolio is now quite bulky, fitting comfortably in the 1/2 inch  depth that the outer folder was formed to.


I made my own photo stacks for my photographs as there were many and the techniques Heidi Swapp used to make her own photo stack just wanted and option for me. In the end I cut a peice of patterned card paper for each photo, cutting it about a 1/2 inch longer than the picture. I scored that extra half inch at the top of each piece and stuck that down with double sided tape.  Works like a charm.

This was the original photo stack that came with the kit sent out for the Memory File Classes. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Showcasing Margyz Paper Games

So I have been busy busy working on my Holiday Projects which are not quite finished yet. So I thought in the mean time, I would drirect you to Margyz Paper Games blog, who has been VERY productive the last few week since her Silhouette Portrait arrives.

Check these out!

Too have a look at more of her fantastic work go to

In the mean time I will complete some of these projects and get them up on here for you all to see.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Redbubble Shop

For those not aware, I have a Redbubble shop. I add to it from time to time, but with my studies the last two years, I haven't had time. I plan on actually getting in to some more t-shirt designs and add some more photography for canvas prints.

For now, checkout what I have up there, there may be some thing that you cannot live with out. Also, there are a few photographs of HotRods on there for any eager car enthusiast.

Holiday Projects: Kaisercraft Desk Organiser

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Holiday Projects: Kaisercraft Desk Organiser

As I am no longer working and have finished my studies for 2012 I pondered what I could do to keep my self busy over the holidays before my studies recommence in February.  I set out a bit of a to-do list last week and work out if there were any supplies I might need, then realizing a have a rather large arsenal of craft 'stuff', started choosing papers for my first couple projects.

I had an unmade Kaisercraft Desk Organiser that has been sitting on a craft shelf for a few months now, so that was SO getting made up.The fist one I made about 12 months ago was a little too blue for me, which as given to my niece. I wanted to do some thing a bit more grown up, that would be a good canvas for me to try out some new techniques I have developed (mostly in my head) over the last 12 months.

As I have been working on this project I have been adding progress photos to My Instagram which I will also do with other projects in the future as well. These progress pictures are also added to the KJWstudio Facebook Page ('like' the page to get regular updates in your Facebook news feed)

Once the organiser is completed I will be sure to put some pictures of of the finished product.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New kids

Many of you will not be aware that I do not have children of my own, and do not plan on having children of the human varity. However, I do have a considerably LARGE collection of toy that I affectionately refer to as my kids. Low maintenance with no on going cost and easy to relocate. I sometimes wonder if Toy Story is accurate and my kids come to life when I leave the house, it is a nice thought and one that my inner child will cling to for the rest of my life.

With out much ado, I introduce the new arrivals.

2012 Birthday Loot

I am not big on getting presents and this year was no exception, however I did end up buying my self a few extra toys for my self.

The Nerf Gun Collection is now up to 23. to see the entire collection head to Here.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More and More Birthday Cards

This is another birthday card I did for a work colleague for this week. She likes pink and butterflies so I work with those and some up with some thing rather pretty in the end. I only hope she likes it.

Wire Sculpture

This was the wire sculpture a friend of mine made for my birthday.  She is all sorts of awesome!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Butterfly Garden

I did this layout a few weeks back for a class I was scheduled to teach. The class was at short notice and I needed something that was dynamic and fun, and really want is more fun that butterflies. Yes I am an addict with it comes to all things butterfly, an addiction I do have under control mind you.

The photo is of my mother from 2006, and I felt it worked really well with the Bo Bunny papers and the overall fell of the layout.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Birthday Card

I received a lovely card from Margaret this year for my birthday. Margaret did a wonderful job at making the card pretty but in my style and I thought, instead of blogging the card all over again I would send you all to the source and let her talk about the card.

Margyz Paper Game: Easel Card

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Birthday Adventures 2012

Each year I try and come up with an adventure for my birthday, be it getting acrylic nails done for the first (and last) time, planning a picnic (which never works out), or to just wonder around a shopping centre I am not familiar with. This is was the latter on the list, which turned out VERY good, as it seems that Nerf guns are a plenty in the North Eastern suburbs. What ever gets plans however, is ALWAYS preceded by Birthday Crepes (TM) at Mitcham Shopping Centre. More specifically Banana Nuttella Crepes with cream and ice cream, and due to their size this crepe is shared between two people, for fear of Rolly_Polly'ness.

I show Exibit A


The purpose of this food stuff is to give fuel for the commencement of shopping mall walking and well shopping.

Birthday LoOt (TM)

Two new NERF guns for the cabinet!

I beautiful jewelery bodice stand from and Op shop.

I also was sent a one of a kind wire sculpture from a good friend of mine in Perth, I will take pictures of this once I have written my last exam next week. I also believe it is a item that requires its own blog entry.

Yesterday I also received a present from my darling brother as well as a Buzz Lightyear Bubble gun that I have been searching for for a while now. Again, there will be pictures. 

The day after my birthday, last Saturday, we also took a road from up North to see some craft fairs that were one. Unfortunately the craft fairs weren't any good, but the drive was great. I took a few snaps along the way too.