Monday, 19 November 2012


Back in my days of TAFE while studying Fashion and Textile, I was asked by some of the students ahead of me in the course would ask if I would wear their garments at some of the functions we held as showcases and fundraisers. Back then I was some what of a waif and had no fears about walking out of a stage. The most memorable of these escapades was the end of year show case for the third years in 1999, when I modeled for a friend Julie. The clothing was very simple but the catwalk run rather dramatic. We walked out the Rammstein's Du Hast, all serious and determined, did the basic walk routine to the end of the cat walk and back. The timing was perfect and we all ended back at the entrance to the cat walk facing the audience as the music stopped and the lights were shut off.  A millisecond of a pause and then the crowd went wild with applause. Absolutely THRILLING!!

Saddly there are some shows I never got photos for which was a but saddening. However, I have the memories in my brain.

With this layout I worked with stamping than usual to create a bit more of a texture and custom look.

Over all I like.

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