Friday, 9 November 2012

Heidi Swapp Memory Files Chapter 1

This week has been SO very full on, what with study, work, craft shows and not to mention my Heidi Swapp Memory Files Class that started yesterday afternoon. WHAT FUN!!!!!

I had my housemate help me set up a work space, so I had room to move during the class, while he was off watching How I Met Your Mother in the lounge. Every now and again I would trot in with a show and tell of the cool stuff I had made over the last 20 minutes.

I seriously cannot wait for the next installment of the classes.

So, we have The Work Area with laptop, paper towel, cleaner and tools.

Right in the middle of it all

Working on the first project.

Almost completed with both projects for the night. 

I had a lot of fun doing the class, and I am very pleased with my self for being talked in to actually doing the class. Chapter 2 is tomorrow afternoon (my time) and SO prepared for it.

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