Thursday, 29 November 2012

Birthday Adventures 2012

Each year I try and come up with an adventure for my birthday, be it getting acrylic nails done for the first (and last) time, planning a picnic (which never works out), or to just wonder around a shopping centre I am not familiar with. This is was the latter on the list, which turned out VERY good, as it seems that Nerf guns are a plenty in the North Eastern suburbs. What ever gets plans however, is ALWAYS preceded by Birthday Crepes (TM) at Mitcham Shopping Centre. More specifically Banana Nuttella Crepes with cream and ice cream, and due to their size this crepe is shared between two people, for fear of Rolly_Polly'ness.

I show Exibit A


The purpose of this food stuff is to give fuel for the commencement of shopping mall walking and well shopping.

Birthday LoOt (TM)

Two new NERF guns for the cabinet!

I beautiful jewelery bodice stand from and Op shop.

I also was sent a one of a kind wire sculpture from a good friend of mine in Perth, I will take pictures of this once I have written my last exam next week. I also believe it is a item that requires its own blog entry.

Yesterday I also received a present from my darling brother as well as a Buzz Lightyear Bubble gun that I have been searching for for a while now. Again, there will be pictures. 

The day after my birthday, last Saturday, we also took a road from up North to see some craft fairs that were one. Unfortunately the craft fairs weren't any good, but the drive was great. I took a few snaps along the way too.


  1. What is that awesome concrete monstrosity?

  2. Adelaide's South Road Superway. too see more search google images for "adelaide south road superway". It is huge.