Thursday, 12 May 2016

Getting back in to the swing of things.

Hello followers and welcome to another post today. I know that it has been a while since my last post which I am very sorry for. I have been taking some time to organise things to accommodate my wheelchair "Serenity". I am starting to get back into some craft work as my pain levels are easier to manage because of Serenity.

During the adjustment and adaptation period I had some lovely friends help me out with various things to help with my mental state and wellbeing.  To thank them I made some easel cards. There was also a birthday girl amongst the list, who was so kind to take me out on her day off when she was working. I was very thankful to all who were there for me and helped out and I wanted them to know that I was so very thankful.

For these cards I have used the Kaisercraft After Five flocked paper which I totally love but am running short of but it is a beautiful paper with its richness.


The wood embellishments were what I had lying around some kaisercraft and others I have no idea who made them. But I painted them black and then coated them in Crackle Accents which is a fav of mine. I then went over the embellishment in spots with some silver and copper pigment ink on a dauber. Really loved that effect.

Butterflies, well you know me and butterflies. the brighter the better!

And there needed to be some bright flowers.

I am rather pleased with how they all came out and grateful for the therapeutic effect that the crafting hand on my mental health and physical wellbeing.

I have some layout plans which are sitting waiting for me to get through the list of other things I need to get done now that I am in less pain and more mobile. SO WATCH THIS SPACE!