Friday, 25 September 2015

Mini Album for myself.

Hey there crafters 

I have been asked to make a mini album which I am over the moon about. However, I realised I have not made one of these for myself in about a year and thought it was high time I did so. On that motivational point, I decided to go through my somewhat large stash of 12x12 papers that I have collected over the years and made a point of ensuring that this album was not going to be a "collection/themed" album. The reason for this is, well, I knew straight off I did not have enough of a collection or theme of papers to do the entire album.

I won't be listing the papers and who designed them or what company they come from, mostly because all the bottom strips got thrown away after I made the album. 
I am sure if you asked around some one can help you with the relevant information about a particular paper I have used. 

As usual, there is a flip through youtube video at the end of the blog post. 

So instead of using Kathy Ortas "hidden hinged" spine I decided to go with the stack method. This, I find, gives a better strength and stability to the spine and pages. It also has the advantages, for me anyway, of giving me an extra page to add. 

For now I am not to sure when I will actually use this mini album but I at least have this AWESOME album for future photo journaling. 

The one thing I did want to do with this album for myself was add lots of space in the album, so there are a lot of folds and matts and paper clips to add more things to. 

To see the rest of the album have a watch of this. 

Thanks for watching and I hope you come back and see what new stuff I have been creating.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cookie Monster


I found a working Cookie Monster at Savers and op shop recently and was SO excited! 

Naturally I had to do a layout to add to my kids folder. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sympathy Cards for Heidi Swapp

Hello crafters 

Many of you would know that Heidi Swapp lost her second eldest to depression a couple months ago. I was devastated to hear the news as I suffer from depression my self. 

I like many all over the world made a couple cards and send this through to Heidi Swapp's family and her eldest son.

I decided to be a little different and rather than doing the standard sympathy card, I chose to make something with an uplifting feel. I went with a steampunk theme with gears, clocks and hot air balloons.

I did get a message from Heidi a few weeks later thanking me for my letter and the cards. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Cricket fan at 13.

Hi crafters 

I was asked to make a card for a young man who was turning 13. I was told he was into basket ball and cricket which made my mind spring to creative mode. 

I ended up making an easel card with the theme of cricket. 

Hoping the young man like the card and best of wishes to him.