Friday, 29 January 2016

Fun with Books

Well hello and welcome readers.

Have a treat to share with you. Ihave been making a lot of books lately. My binding techniquewas that of coptic stitch which I find very relaxing and enjoyable. 

As I needed a new book for psychology I saw it a better use of my time to make one rather than buy one. Also I was able to use the type of paper I like. 


For the two books above I made the books a little smaller than that of A5 as I wanted a convenient size for note making. The top book is made with 70gsm bleedproof paper printed with a dot grid for drawing and typography.


I also made this sketchbook using the large stack of tea stained papers and the box of a Diablo III collectors edition. My plans are to do some more of my typography in this book. 

After showing the first two books with comic covers I had a request to make one for some one. After some backwards and forewards regarding covers I ended up making this. 


I also have two handmade books for sale on my webstore.

You can have a look at the books in my flip through on youtube.

Friday, 8 January 2016

A gift to a mother

Hello creative people and welcome again to my blog.

Today I want to share with you a mini album I made for a customer. She was ordering this as a special birthday present for her mother's milestone birthday. After going through the color options and things her mother likes, I created the mini album.

The hardest part about this order was that the customer lives in CANADA, but her mom lives in Western Australia. Thankfully technology was there to help with YouTube and private listed videos. I also made a video flip through for you.

The album was given to her mother this week which now gives me to opportunity to show it off to me followers.

Here is a flip through, I you love it at much as my friends mother did when you got it.