Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A New Hand made book: progress of my Codex

Crafters! Welcome!
It is good to have you here.

What I am sharing with you today has me feeling very vulnerable and exposed.
A few months ago I showed something I had made for my self which was a rather awesome book.

I have started filling the book and it has become such an integral element in self care and Self discovery.
I became inspired by the idea of making this book after watching a video on Rocking your Grimoire by Molly Roberts who is a magic practitioner and witch among many other things. While I do not subscribe to the practice of magic and witchcraft as many do, I saw value and benefit to the collection and compilation of information that held meaning to me.
In the wiccan and magic circles this type of book would be termed a grimoire or book of shadows, which for me just did not fit. I have called mine The Codex. Being a book of information relating to me and for me.

So I give you The Codex.
There is a video link at the end of the post with a flip through.

In the book I have sections relating to different things I wanted to have record of. 

I have recorded information on my Altar and Zodiac as well as Essential oils, which are a big part of my life. There is also a section on my cat Delta.

I have recorded Plants and Flowers I like and why I like them.

I have found a great bonding with myself by creating this book. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I LOVE tech and the digital age we are living in but I love having a document, a handmade, handwritten BOOK which solely related to my spiritual beliefs, values and principles. It has substance and existence to me which make me feel those things with in my self. 

The flip through video. I do mistakenly call the Codex a Chronodex in the beginning which is something entirely different. Doing to many things at the same time. 

I have loved working in this book and I still have lots to add and change. And it will be an on going "work in progress".

If this inspires you to create your own Codex all about you so me what you create, I would love to see.  I know not everyone has the skills or time and materials to make their own book,
for you, I will be making up and adding blank books like this one to my Etsy store over the coming months. You can also order one by emailing me with some direction of what you would like. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Manifestations from a Dream

Hello hello!

Today I have something a little different to share with you.

I have been playing with air dry clay and have created something I dreamt about back in March. 

First a little bit of back story to help understand the gravity of this piece. 
I have been seeing a psychoanalysis since Nov 2016 to help me with my knee issue, which has been so beneficial in so many different ways. 
Mid March I had this very profound and lingering dream which I brought up with my therapist, who walked me through some dream analysis. 

One thing that was so strong about the dream was an item that seemingly represented something very significant to myself. I could recall the texture, weight and importance of this item. The item itself was an oddity as it was a chess piece. However this chess piece was actually that of two melted together, the knight and rook. The chess piece itself was analysed to it's inth degree with much of the information discussed resonating with me on so man different levels. 

The image, weight and texture of the chess piece haunted me for weeks until I decided to see how I would go actually physically making it. 

I started out by first working with some air drying clay tiles to work out the texture and finish of the piece. Nothing was working out right, but I kept going. After about 10 tiles I found a finish that sort of worked, but it still wasn't quite right. By this time I decided to start making the actually physical form of the chess piece.


This part of the process happened in an hour or so with very little effort required. I felt I was working by muscle memory which, if you think about, is VERY strange as I have never physically held this piece. I had to leave the raw chess piece for a couple days to dry. Then came the next process that had to be figured out on the fly. Brick work, which I carved out of the dried clay. While I was working on this texture of the final figure I realised I had NOT taken the brick texture in to account when playing with my tiles at the very start.

To see how this would likely work out I of course made another tiles and did a test. Luckily I was able to get a better crackle texture with a slightly different technique and I would not have worked this out if I had not have done this test.

The final step was actually painting the chess piece. This was the scariest part of all even though I had spent an entire day working out the perfect colour I wanted.

After applying the crackle medium and waiting for that to dry I added the darker blue was to get the colour finished I wanted. 

The final step of the entire process was sealing the surface. I used Glossy Accents to get that seamless glaze quality I was after.

As I love macro photography I managed to gave some very awesome close up shots of the crackle. It came out perfect.

I hope you have enjoy reading how I made this piece. It was a joy to make. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Mini Album Time to Remember

Greetings and welcome.

Today I share another mini album. This one however is slightly different to the previous ones I have made. Usually I create as many pockets and photos matts are I can, not this time.

The cover is really simple for a change, using some wood elements and the metal book corners. The title wood elements are from Imaginarium Designs and the hinges and keyhole are from Kaisercrafts. I covered these in some Vintage photo stain and then coated with crackle accents. 

I love book corners and used up my last Tim Holtz book corners.

The papers I used were from a paper pack I found in my station by Toga L'Air du temps. A wonderful vintage paper collection. Along with the paper I also have some brads from the same collection as well as some journal cards which will be added once photos go in to the album. 

I hope you like this mini album.

I am considering creating kits for my etsy store with instructions on creating your own mini album. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Unexpected birthday Card

Hi there crafters and readers/followers of my blog.

I hope you are all well and creating up a storm these days. Seem to have an excess of creating energy right now, which is tough when I have an exam in little over a weeks time. 

Todays show and tell is a card I made out of the blue a while ago now. Love it when inspiration hits and I get to make someones day.

I made this impromptu card for a friends birthday. I had been a bit involved in my studies and had not realised the birthday had come up. One afternoon I created this and popped it in the post. Few days later received an elated message via Facebook with a thank you for the card. 

In my hast to make and post the card however I forgot to photograph the card! Luckily I was able to get some photos to show you the card.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Birthday card all flowery and bright

Greetings crafter

I am finding some time for crafting these day as a breather from my studies. This particular card I made the day after I completed an arduous assignment for my university course. It was so lovely to get stuck in to some paper craft.

A dear friend had her birthday the day after I made the card and we had every intention to catch up however life happened. I was able to catch up with her a couple weeks later for a yarn day and gave it to her then.

I haven't worked with flowers and leaves for a while, so there were a few brief moments of abject terror that I was making a total mess. However, I rather liked the end product. 

I seem to be drawn to the aqua and teal tones these days as I feel they work well with for white and creams in the papers. Of course I edged elements with Tim Holtz Vintage photo because it is my go to.  

Stay tuned for some more posts coming your way. 

Just a reminder that I have a deal on at the moment on my Etsy store for free shipping world wide on any physical products. Be sure to use the coupon at check out.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Untitled layout of my brother

Hello my lovely creative beauties. 

I have been rather quiet due to studies but I am slowly trying to find a routine to include some scrapbooking time. I have found it is something I miss terribly when I don't get to play with papers and paints. 

Today I am sharing a layout I did of some photos of my brother taken by a good friend. 

I had no chip board to mount the final layout of to which unfortunately meant that the piece is a bit curly.

I used more paints and sprays and texture pastes than I have used in a long time. 

I found a few embellishments in my stash that I felt works rather nice in the over all feel. As the photos were a lovely high contrast, I opted for a complimentary high contrasting orange over the black crackle in the back ground. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Birthday number 38!

Hello crafters,

Thank you so much for being here and reading this. Life has been super busy and I have had little time for crafting which is sad. I did however get a chance in the last few weeks to have some spare moments here and there.

I finally got around to doing my 2016 birthday layout. It was such a wonderful time it was so important for me to record it.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Friendship Appreciation gift

Hello Crafters

By happy accident a friend of mine and I celebrated our one year FB anniversary since we refound one another after a few years of disconnection.

Through the last 12 months we have both found much comfort and compassion in our newly sparked friendship. With a new appreciation for one another passions and ideas and perspectives. A month or so ago I had in mind to make her some thing, because, well that is just who I am.

I made her one of my mini albums, in a steampunk style because I know she likes that theme. There is a video at the end of the blog post of the flip through.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A new hand made book

Hello Crafters

Welcome welcome.

I have been getting back in to the swing of things lately. Today marks one year since I got my wheelchair, today though life is some much better and different. I have been doing intensive physiotherapy every week since the second week of January, as a result I now walk with no walking,, aids and even go put and am being more adventurous.  I have also started crafting much much more. First up of my creations I want to share with you is a handmade book I have created for myself.

I have used the Cafe au Lait collection and coffee stained printer paper for the internals. 
I have used some Graphic 45 papers for the outer cover and also the inside on the cover. 

This ornament on the front cover was made using some Tim Holtz gear and Finnabair embellishments. To compliment this ornament I added some bronze book corners.

To sew in the signatures in a way to not have the stitching on the spine of the book, I used the pamphlet stitch and I sewed each signature to a separate bit of chipboard that I then glued in to the spine. 


So here I a flip through on youtube.