Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Harry Potter's Marauders Map

Hello crafters 

About 7 weeks ago I realised something wasn't right with myself and went and saw my Doc. After a bit of a lengthy discussion, tears and anxiety attacks, it was realised that I was not coping. My doc put me on medical leave and we arranged for me to see my ever-so supportive and helpful psychologist to work on the depression and related issues that have been causing massive problems.

While on medical leave, I have been getting into doing different projects and stepping out from the usual work I have been doing for the past few years. This has included making the mini album and also doing some garment/clothing design and sewing. I am also going on adventures during the week when I would otherwise be sitting at home alone designing. During the start of this treatment and therapy I rewatching the Harry Potter movies for the upteenth time and got an itch to make the Marauders map. After some research I found two really good available versions which I have linked below.

Making the Harry Potter Marauder's Map was a hell of a lot of fun. Also gave me a good opportunity to test out my new A3 printer, which did a splendid job.

The smaller map is from here
The Larger map is from here (this is a french site so use a translater)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Vampire Hunter Journal

So creative ones, Vampire Hunter Diary project, who's up for seeing what I created here?!

Back on Octorber 2013 Michelle Moony, The Paper Addiction, released this video of her Vampire Hunter Journal Found! I loved it! the great thing was it was a free printable what Michelle linked to in her video. 

You can find the printable at 
Hover over the "Resources" tab (don't click) and wait for "Downloads" to show. Down the end of the page you will find some variations of the items in this project. 

Vampire Sketchbook Pages
Vampire Journal Pages
Vampire maps

There are no instructions or guides just the content. This leaves things open for you to be so very very creative with this project. Which I just love too! 

Here is what I did.
Video flip through of the booklets at the end of the post.