Monday, 24 December 2012

Holiday Projects: Portfolio

Well, after a lot of effort and having to be VERY selective of what work to put in to this Portfolio Memory File, I have finally completed it. I must say thought, I didn't realise how prolific I was with my creativity and art work until now. I am even looking at compiling a second portfolio later one, for all the photos that didn't make the first Memory File.

I used one of the memory files I made while doing the Heidi Swapp Memory file classes a few months back, as I liked that it was big enough to add more pages too.

So I worked my magic at making new memory file folders and covering them with some papers that I already had in my craft supplies. This was an arduous task going through ALL my papers and selecting ones that I liked or would work. The Portfolio is now quite bulky, fitting comfortably in the 1/2 inch  depth that the outer folder was formed to.


I made my own photo stacks for my photographs as there were many and the techniques Heidi Swapp used to make her own photo stack just wanted and option for me. In the end I cut a peice of patterned card paper for each photo, cutting it about a 1/2 inch longer than the picture. I scored that extra half inch at the top of each piece and stuck that down with double sided tape.  Works like a charm.

This was the original photo stack that came with the kit sent out for the Memory File Classes. 

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  1. Very, very nice. Love those photo stacks. You just know I'm going to copy them. oxox Marg