Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mini Album full on Memories

Hello Crafters.

I trust you are all well, and have many projects sitting waiting for your attention on your craft desk. I am very glad though that you have taken some time out to sit and read my blog, hopefully with a coffee or a tea which ever way your preference may run. Sometimes it is just nice to take a little break even from crafting.

Today I don't have a new project, but I am working on a couple which I am sure will be posted very soon for your viewing. The project I am showing you today is a mini alum which I finished November of 2015. However, I have since filled it with many of my photographic memories and I wanted to show you the end result.

This was the mini album I filled up and in a few way I am sort of glad I made the errors I did which meant it did not go up on my webstore. I talk about the mistakes I made when putting this mini album together in the video. It was a great learning curve for me, it was the first project I got a little cocky on and I paid for it, sort of.

Since showing the last photo journal I filled up, I heard from many crafters who were amazed I actually filled my albums. Do you put photos in the mini albums you make? I would love to hear and see what you make. 

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