Friday, 5 August 2016

Custom card: Mothers Birthday

Welcome crafters, I hope you have a lovely cup of tea if you are in the colder end of the world or a nice refreshing cool drink in the more warmer areas of the planet. Where ever you are I hope you have many projects waiting for your attention on your craft desk today, or you are looking for some inspiration.

One of the amazing things I have found since being in a wheelchair is the support community out there. An acquaintance sent me a care package a while ago of some heavenly wax melts, with the best smells ever! She was a recipient of a hand made card from May. I ended up running very low on a fav wax melt sent and offered to do a barter with her that if she did another batch of wax melts and made a few for me i would make her a card or two in exchange.

Here are the cards I made for her.

Happy with the arrangement at the end of the day. 

Do you have similar types of arrangements with people when it comes to your craft?

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