Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Watson Grandparents

Hi there creative readers!

I was looking through my layouts from the last year and realised I didn't have many of the paternal grandparents, which is a little odd as i was closer to the than I was my maternal grandparents purely through geography.

Here we have Peggy and Ryan Watson. Sadly Peggy passed away 20 years ago the night before my mother and I left South Africa. Ryan passed away a while later. I spent a lot of time with these grandparents as they live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We would have Sunday roast at their place most weekends. Ryan was a hobbyist photographer and Peggy made various things from knitting to sewing and making my barbie clothes.

For my layout of this particular photo of them I have used Marion Smith's Nirvana Collection which I got from Meg's Garden. I did a bit of senceling and misting of the background too. I love the cut & create pages from Marion which I have used in this layout.

I hope you like and please leave a comment or any questions

Happy Crafting!

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