Saturday, 2 August 2014

Family Album Speed freak and The one of all of us

HI there crafters!

I have been adding to my massive family album that I created and finished not to long ago. I will be doing a video of all the files soon so that you can all see what I have been doing. 

I found some wonderful pics of my older brother when he was a littl'in, They were standard prints but I love using those Kaisercraft polaroid frames, which I had a few left. I didn't want to make the layout too complicated, so I kept it simple with a few embellishments. 

This was a family shot taken back in 2001. My dad decided before he left to go live in the UK he would head down to Walpole, Western Australia to surprise my brother for his birthday, who was living down there with my mother at the time. Well the Lada 4x4 broke down halfway and the surprise was a bust as we had to get my mother and brother to come rescue us at Manjimup. For various reasons it wasn't the best of trips and the photo kind of captured that. By the time this photo was taken we were all very independent individuals and the idea of family unity was a very much over with.

That may seem like a sad story, but it is at least an honest one. I feel as a scrapbooker, it is unrealistic to expect there to always be happy moments to memorialise on the page.


  1. It is a sad story Kerry-Jean and I wish your family life was happier for you to look back on. Having said that, this is a stunning page! Love that corrugated cardboard and all the fishtails underneath!! Magic!!

  2. I have happy family stuff to think of for the last 4 years, with my new family. So it ain't all bad.