Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Gentlemen collection

Hello all you crafty bloggers out there. 

I recently created The Gentlemen Collection for Meg's Garden.
I was looking for a grungy vintage masculine paper collection but I couldn't find what I was wanting, so I decided to create one. 

My grandfather who was born in 1905, and I have many old photos of him as a young man in the 1920'2 and 30's. I wanted a collection that would compliment the world around him in those times, where things weren't smooth and perfect, but ages and textured and had the weight of having been around for a long time. 


As there were no televisions in those days people would entertain themselves by writing letter or in journals and most of all travel. Whether it was over seas or a days trip somewhere, exploration was a large part of life back then for some. 

With these things being my inspiration and direction I looked at working with texture and the look of  aged paper. I found some wonderful masculine vintage graphics to include in the designs, the old Automobile is one of my favourites. 

I have also become rather enamored with element pages with small graphics that can been cut out and used in layouts and cards.  I went looking for some Cabinet Cards which were popular in the 1870 to add to the Ephemera page along with some other appropriate graphics. 


The collection can be found over at Meg's Garden HERE.

I hope you like the collection and have some fantastic ideas for using it. 

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