Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Challenge Accepted : You Show Me Yours

So, I got roped into a scrap challenged (thanks to Heather and Margaret) held by Lucy Muraca from RedChiChi and it's called 'You Show Me Yours'.  Lucy sends out an image to each participant and they use it to create whatever they wish.  It sounded like a bit of fun so I thought I would join in. 

What are the rules?
I send you a new image once a month, you scrap it.
That's it!
You put it up on your blog, and link back to this blog.
You also link other participants.
Simply their names which I can pass onto you.
Easy, peasy.
Sound like something you want to join, let me know...
Here is the image.

I decided to take a break from essay writing and sit and watch a lecture on Genetic Behaviour and ended up creating this...

Although what I created wasn't much usual style, I am still rather pleased with the outcome. More so for the fact that I was using paper I really didn't like and is not at all something I can generally work with. 

Some of the other participants of the challenge are:

Kerry-Jean Watson (ME)


  1. wow Kerry this is exquisite .... loving all the details and colors, awesome art xoxo

  2. gorgeous Kerry!!! love your papers & pretty details .. hugz

  3. Stunning Kerry!!! I love it!!!

  4. Thank you so much ladies really appreciate the response.