Saturday, 1 June 2013

Family Album: Happily Ever After

Danial and I used to get totally immersed in fantasy world play, something that the current generation I think is missing out on. Here we are in our rather large living room playing with Lego and race cars and video tapes and cassette tapes... and of course me in my Winnie the Pooh dance costume from a show I had recently done. I assure you we are having a great time.

For some reason I am not very happy with this layout and how it turned out. It feels very chaotic to me and rather unsophisticated. HOWEVER, I have come to a very strong belief that not all my layouts and works have to be master pieces and this layout will still go in to a file for either my self or my brother. I may not like this layout but I accept it for what it is and will leave it at that.

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