Monday, 3 June 2013

Family Album: Family

So this last weekend I had two solid days of crafting, which was wonderful. After completing some study assignments and lectures I felt it was I was very much deserving of some creative escapism. So, movies were chosen and snacks were bought and I plonked my self down in front of the TV for Saturday and Sunday and crafted away. I was able to complete 10 full pages, the aim wasn't to create master pieces, but to get pages done. I am very happy with all the 10 pages I did and was able to get through a good chunk of stock that it seems I had been accumulating.

In this photo is my immediate family; mother, father, brother and myself, also my paternal grandparents. I have very vague recollection of the day but nothing specific as we did these photo sessions annually. I am starting to get more comfortable with using flowers in my layouts, most because I have a draw full of flowers that really need to be used.

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