Friday, 29 January 2016

Fun with Books

Well hello and welcome readers.

Have a treat to share with you. Ihave been making a lot of books lately. My binding techniquewas that of coptic stitch which I find very relaxing and enjoyable. 

As I needed a new book for psychology I saw it a better use of my time to make one rather than buy one. Also I was able to use the type of paper I like. 


For the two books above I made the books a little smaller than that of A5 as I wanted a convenient size for note making. The top book is made with 70gsm bleedproof paper printed with a dot grid for drawing and typography.


I also made this sketchbook using the large stack of tea stained papers and the box of a Diablo III collectors edition. My plans are to do some more of my typography in this book. 

After showing the first two books with comic covers I had a request to make one for some one. After some backwards and forewards regarding covers I ended up making this. 


I also have two handmade books for sale on my webstore.

You can have a look at the books in my flip through on youtube.

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