Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Puzzle pieces progress

So it has been some time since I have done an update regarding my learning differences. Many things have happened and I thought it was time to bring every one up to date. Last year in May I was screened for Irlens Syndrome other wise known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. I got my first set of filters the day of an exam which was totally awesome, as I had little visual stress during the exam.

Around February of this year I noticed thing were getting difficult. I was walking in to furniture and door frames which hadn't happened since I had had the filters and reading became a lot more difficult than it needed to be. I found reading caused fatigue and vision stress that was not fun in the least. I consulted a diagnostician via Facebook about my problems, the recommendation made was to get a recheck.

This is where things got difficult and very problematic for the next 2 months. I made a selection of seven colour layers which from my perspective seemed to be perfect.  I then waited 4 weeks for my filters to arrive, when they did things were not good. The new filters were VERY different from the first set and I could not get use to them. They were dark and they were purple and they made my head hurt, so I went for another recheck.

This recheck was painful and uncomfortable and there was concern that I had an eye wobble issue, which requires other interventions and remediation. After an optical test it was discovered I didn't have this eye wobble but by this time my head and eye hurt A LOT. A third recheck was scheduled for the following days, which I was NOT looking forward to.

The following day was unpleasant (this is an understatement, attempting to keep things G rated).  The appointment took an hour and a half after which I like death warmed up. Everything hurt, my head, my eyes, my body and all I wanted to do was sleep and never wake up. Of course there was the 4 week wait for my new filters, which at this point I was very worried that they would not work and I would have spent A LOT of money I didn't have to throw away.

Those four weeks sucked, and towards to end of those 4 weeks things got so sore and uncomfortable that I was unable to walk due to my body hurting so much.  I tried everything to relieve my pain and discomfort and nothing worked, as a last resort I went and saw my chiropractor in total desperation.
Who was very worried when he saw me, as my spine and neck were in a bad way and indicated massive tension throughout all systems.  I was adjusted as best as one could under the circumstances and I went back for another adjustment the following week.

The day after my last adjustment my new filters arrived, and OMG!!

So the new filters were great, I stopped hurting and I was able to read without the visual stress and fatigue. Bliss.

4 weeks later I had my usual monthly chiropractic adjustment and the change in the tension in my spine and system was so altered (just not there) my chiropractor was blown away. He has been treating me for 4 years and is very familiar with the spinal patterns as I have scoliosis.

The last few days have been a little tough with the filters because of the weather and lighting change. These have become a bit dark and at times I have a lot of difficult to see clearly with the filters on. Other than that I just continue on as best I can. Over all I must admit to being a little less confidence in the Irlen method and the filters due to these events.



  1. I feel so sorry for you with all the problems and pain you have been through, hope it gets better soon......You do incredible work in spite of it all......