Monday, 17 March 2014

Photo Journal #1

At the end of semester last year I decided to start a photo journal for my school holidays, to make sure I didn't sit around doing nothing with my time. I am an instagram user and although I thought it great to take digital photos and post them on line, I liked having a thing to hold and flip through.

As a result of learning how to do Coptic stitch (the youtube tutorial I used it at the end of this post) and binding my own books I decided to go through my vast paper collection and make a photo journal, some thing similar to a smash book but with out the need to by the manufactured products.

I am not lucky enough to own a zink printer (although I wish I could afford one), I created a photoshop A4 template and would add my instagram pics to this then print it out and cut out each photo with my trimmer.


The book ended up so large that it needed a closure, which ended up being a nice little buckle I have in my collection.

I really enjoyed doing this process, mostly because I am a visual person and having a visual representation of what I was doing was so much nicer than just journaling my day. As this book became full I make another book and bound it with Coptic Stitch and have started adding things too it. 


  1. swoon ... loving this earthy creation, beautiful x

  2. it looks great, wonderful way to display photos! and the closure looks cool :) now i feel inspired to try something like this!

  3. Making these books are a heap of fun. I am on my second which is bigger and has the some closure on it. I take photos while I am out with my phone and then print those out and add them to the book. SO much fun!