Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Family Album: Beach Babe Halcyon Mignon Olwage

For a few years now I have had it in mind to make a photo album/family tree of the branches of my family tree. I have a large amount of photos that are just sitting in a box, some here in Adelaide with me and some with my brother and some more with my father. It seems a pity and a waist to just have them packed away, so I have brought them out to see the light of day. I started off with a photograph of my mother, when she was much younger. I know nothing of the day the photo was taken or how old she was, but I left it was a great photo of my mother as a young person.

This page ended up being a bit of an experiment in multi media and trying out a few other methods I had seen around in various blogs and on line groups. There is just such a large amount of inspiration out there to not try new things with almost every page one works on.

Beach babe

I will also be compiling a file for each family member, noting things like date of birth  children, spouse and other things along that line. I am really looking forward to this project, as it has been some thing I have wanted to do for a long time.


  1. Beautiful photo of your Mum and such a lovely layout you've created here Kerry. Totally awesome!! ox Marg

    1. Thank you, it was a new technique for me and I am really happy it works out for me. I really love this page. I think it enhances the feel of the photo and who my mother was.