Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Scrapbook Sundays

I have bit a little preoccupied with my studies lately and have neglected my blogging. I have taken break from my book learning to do some creative stuff at well, which I find important to keep my sanity. For the last 4 weeks a friend and I have spent every Sunday from about 9 am through to 10 or 11 pm crafting, while we go through about 5 or 6 movies in that time.I first session saw us watching a lot of post apocalyptic films, which is ALWAYS fun I have been catching up of scrapbooking many of the photos I have accumulated over the years and done nothing with and the friend is putting together a paper crafted Pulse Rifle replica from "Alien". By the end of my study week I am very much looking forward to my crafting Sundays.

The first weekend I completed some layouts I have started in my Monday Night scrapbooking classes with Helen Clifton

I then started to go through my collection of photos of the rest of my belly dance costumes I have made.

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