Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Harry Potter's Marauders Map

Hello crafters 

About 7 weeks ago I realised something wasn't right with myself and went and saw my Doc. After a bit of a lengthy discussion, tears and anxiety attacks, it was realised that I was not coping. My doc put me on medical leave and we arranged for me to see my ever-so supportive and helpful psychologist to work on the depression and related issues that have been causing massive problems.

While on medical leave, I have been getting into doing different projects and stepping out from the usual work I have been doing for the past few years. This has included making the mini album and also doing some garment/clothing design and sewing. I am also going on adventures during the week when I would otherwise be sitting at home alone designing. During the start of this treatment and therapy I rewatching the Harry Potter movies for the upteenth time and got an itch to make the Marauders map. After some research I found two really good available versions which I have linked below.

Making the Harry Potter Marauder's Map was a hell of a lot of fun. Also gave me a good opportunity to test out my new A3 printer, which did a splendid job.

The smaller map is from here
The Larger map is from here (this is a french site so use a translater)

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