Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Christmas Cards: Custom made

February 2012 I started a journey of learning so much more about my self. I was struggling with my studies and after my older brother was diagnosed with Dyslexia I look to getting assessed. After a day of phone around Adelaide looking for a psychologist who would not charge me a fortune to get assess, I got an email back from Benita Ranzon. Benita is an educational Consultant and an absolute angel, she has helped me firstly with my diagnosis and also with my fight with Centrelink when I got a unreasonable debt. So as a thank you I offered to make her some Christmas cards for her this year. 


  1. Gorgeous Christmas cards Kerry-Jean ... I know your Consultant will be totally thrilled. oxox

  2. Wow - these cards are amazing! I love your unique shapes and designs.