Thursday, 18 July 2013

More Puzzle Pieces

About two months ago I went for an Irlen screening after a number of months researching this condition. During the screening it was made quite clear that I was suffering from scientifically what is known as Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, better known as Irlen syndrome. I was given two plastic overlays sheets of turquoise and grey to help me in the interim until I could get my filters.  

I began using these overlays immediately and found an improvement in quiet reading and had less discomfort reading off a white page.  A week after my screening I went for a second consultation to establish what my filters would be for my glasses which I received four weeks later.  

The filters arrived in the morning of my one and only exam which I was quite delighted with. I was able to comfortably sit the exam and answered as many questions as I possibly could. I notice during the course of that very first day that my head wasn't hurting and I felt a lot more relaxed and lights didn't affect me as they once did.

I have now been wearing the Irlen filters for a full month and have noticed further improvements in reading comprehension retaining of information, I much calmer in shopping centres and brightly lit areas and notice a massive difference if I'm not wearing my glasses at all. During this last for weeks I have also completed an essay assignment for one of my online units which was proofread and found to have a lot less mistakes in it as well as the proof reader mentioning that the writing flowed a lot better. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my results from that essay, hopefully I don't have to wait too much longer.  To date I am very pleased with the outcome I have achieved and experienced with having the Irlen Syndrome filters, as it has made a vast improvement to my functioning capabilities.

I unfortunately have still been plagued with an auditory sensitivity when it comes to loud noises and crowds and busy shopping centres. I began investigating sensory processing disorders and found that I fitted into the auditory processing disorders.  After attending a screening yesterday V consultant informed me that she believed I definitely do have auditory hypersensitivity and that there was remediation for this condition to allow me to function better in situations that I currently am uncomfortable and tend to have an extreme emotional reaction to.

It appears I have been on this journey for the last two and half years of discovering things about how my brain works and finding out that I don't just have to put up with how I process my environment around me and that I do have the opportunity to improve my functioning in our society. The reality that something can be done about many of these neurological dysfunctions of mine is very satisfied.  Hopefully with all this work I am doing on myself I will come out of this a lot happier, a lot healthier and with a clearer understanding of the difficulties many other people in our society face.  So, bring on the neuroplasticity and let get things changing!!!

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  1. You go girl!! A lot of people have trouble admitting to themselves that they even have a problem but you are facing yours head on and doing something about it. You should be very proud. ox