Friday, 17 May 2013

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Today has been a bit of an eye opener and somewhat overwhelming, but to clearly express why this is so, I need to start at the beginning  The beginning is the acceptance after 2 years of struggling with distance education starting in 2011, when I finally got assessed for dyslexia and was found that this diagnosis was positive. Granted this is not a life threatening condition and really only affects my ability to retain information in written form. So, from this diagnosis I was able to get a certain level of help and assistance from my college and other area , which has been very wonderful. At the end of last year, when enrolling in a new college, I was informed of the "colored glasses" thing that could help me even more with my learning experience  Through further research though I came to realize I could not afford to even consider to get the screening done. Further research since then has lead me to understand the importance of going and getting the screening done as soon as possible.

This bring us to today. The "colored glasses" thing is called Scotopic Syndrome or is better known as Irlen Syndrome. It turns out I don't just have a Irlen Syndrome I have a severe case of it, as well as general light sensitivity and most likely an auditory processing issue. There is also remediation I can do in order to help retrain my dyslexic brain to process and function more efficiently.

My reason behind blogging my experience here is is to help bring awareness to others who may be having problems.If only person reads this and believes that they feel they are struggling or they see their child is struggling with learning, do them or your self the service of getting them checked out for dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome.  It may stop a lot of frustration and unnecessary struggling, when there are options and support out there.


  1. I'm so proud of you Kerry for sharing your situation with others and I hope this post may be just the thing for someone else to realise they could use similar help. Bless you my girl. ox Marg

  2. Hi Kerry
    I have dyslexia and irlen syndrome too we are not alone there people out with it too and I have a blog a too so my diagnosis with irlen syndrome .
    Don't called me stupid