Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Holiday Project: The joys of the Mini Album

I loved working on this project so much I started a second one while still working on the first one. What it is, is a mini album with a Hidden Hinge System from a Kathy Orta tutorial for her All Occasion Mini Album. 

The tutorial for this mini album called for quite a lot of card so, which just seemed a bit expensive. So, I visited my local Officeworks and purchased a 25pk of 210gsm A3 card for only $12. This made this much more economical and as the card was a heavier gsm the hinge and pages turned out a lot more sturdy. 

I loved this album as I was able to use some of the 6x6 inch paper pads I hadn't been able to use much before. For this first one I used my left over Black and White Timeless from Kaisercraft. 

The hidden hinge took demo and a little while to get my brain around. Once I got it though it made perfect sense. With, again, a little modifications, I got it all to work out nicely and I can now also modify it further for my own liking. 

I ended up reworking the cover design Kathy had done for her Mini Album due to not being able to get one of the items she used for the spine. I am actually happier with how mine turned out.  I also chose to use fabric for my spine rather than cardstock, as a friend who was showing how to make this mini album had two spines with card stock crack. The fabric gives a great amount of give ensuring it wouldn't be tight, crack or split.

The finished Product
I have ReAlLy enjoyed this project, and I wish I had more friends to make them for. If there is, however, anyone who is not a papercraft who wants one, please feel free to contact me to order one.


  1. I love your mini! Its so pretty! What kind of fabric did you use for the spine and how did you mountainbike it?

    1. The fabric on the spine is just a plain cotton and I used double sided tape to stick it down.

  2. Thanks for your reply and sorry about the "mountainbike"...Autocorrect, what can I say :)