Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ebook Custom Cover

I have had an ebook reader for about a year, luckily I am able to also watch video on it as well. I made a cover for the reader when I first got it, but soon realised that it was a bit awkward to watch video on it when out at a cafe or shopping center as I would have to hold the reader. So I set out to design and make an A-frame ebook cover.

I had an old diary cover that I notices my reader would fit very comfortably into after ripping out all the internal pages

I made a selection of paper to cover the out side of the cover, I didn't have to do this but I wanted to make the cover look nice and clean.

I found some lovely soft leather that I added down the spine of the cover.

As I wanted the ebook to be able to stand on its own I knew I needed to have the reader attached to a backboard that would be hinged on the back on the cover, to be able to remove the ebook from the cover for I secured elastic on each corner of the back board to hold the ebook in place. To keep the cover closed while the ebook would be in my bag I also added an elastic strap around the length of the cover.

And here we have the final product. I am very pleased with this project, as it has been sitting in my "to do" box for months.

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